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Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an incredibly supportive therapy for those going through a fertility journey. Whether that is through natural, IUI or IVF methods. 

Acupuncture therapies can assist in hormone balancing, cycle regulation, emotional and nervous system support.

Multiple studies, including data discussed by Fertility IQ showed a positive correlation between frequent acupuncture sessions and positive pregnancy results in IVF patients. 

At Euneek You Health, we ideally love to treat both the sperm "donor" and egg "donor" when it comes to making a baby, to improve not just the potential for a pregnancy but also to provide bub with the best possible start to life. Therefore, if both parties are known and willing, we suggest treatments to supercharge both the sperm and egg!

To book a fertility appointment, book an initial Acupuncture appointment and write a memo in the notes section requesting fertility treatments.

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