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Euneek Add-Ons

Euneek Add-Ons are designed to provide a luxurious treatment experience that meets any needs you feel are important

Euneek Meal Plans

Euneek Meal Plans

Meal plans specifically designed to assist patients in achieving their health goals.

Euneek Facial

Euneek Gemstone Facials

Charged gemstones are added to either a general acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture  therapy for extra benefits. 

Euneek Herbal Blends

Euneek Herbal Blends

Herbal blends designed to address health concerns that are preventing patient's wellbeing.


Euneek Cosmetic Nutrition Advice

Nutrition and diet advice tailored specifically to skin health and rejuvenation. 

Euneek Love Cupping

Euneek Love Cups

A cupping option that may leave adorable heart shaped marks , depending on the patient's situation.



Ear Seed Pellets

Auricular earseeds with the beauty and sophistication of Swarovksi 24k gold and crystals.

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